SPINPower® | Instructor Certification - Blended Learning
SPINPower® | Instructor Certification - Blended Learning
SPINPower® | Instructor Certification - Blended Learning
SPINPower® | Instructor Certification - Blended Learning
SPINPower® | Instructor Certification - Blended Learning
SPINPower® | Instructor Certification - Blended Learning

SPINPower® | Instructor Certification - Blended Learning

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     ***SPECIAL BLENDED LEARNING OFFER during COVID-19 Pandemic***

In light of the live training restrictions and distancing measure enforced by both UK and Ireland Governments we are activating a short term option for instructors to gain certification in a new blended learning course bundle.

Our Certified SPINPower® Instructors inspire riders around the world with safe, effective and exciting rides that keep students coming back for more.

When you learn to teach with power metrics and training zones, you’ll see what a game-changer power is when it comes to motivating, performance-oriented rides. Whether you attend the live, in-person training or take the online training at home, you will learn how to:

  • Confidently describe the benefits of power-based training to riders of all levels.
  • Explain why Spinner® bikes measure actual power and accurate, not estimated caloric expenditure.
  • Coach your riders to optimize their power and efficiency through bike setup, pedaling mechanics and riding technique.
  • Conduct ramp tests in class to help riders identify their Personal Spinning Threshold (PST).
  • Lead classes with new terminology and cues that will give your riders powerful results.
  • Create your own SPINPower® class profiles with effective templates to focus on strength, speed, stamina and power.

Power is the best measurement of performance on a bike, so with SPINPower®, you’ll be able to guarantee results for yourself and your students. This comprehensive program provides a complete overview of power-based training and how to implement it with the current edge technology of the Spinner® Chrono Power and SPINPower® Crank.

Get started today!

EASY AS 1-2-3

  1. Register and we will sign you up to take the online course. No need to wait—get a complete class experience where you can re-watch, re-play and cover the complete SPINPower® program experience at your own pace. Learn from the best SPINPower® instructors in the world—it’s like a private lesson in your own home!
  2. Sign up to any SPINPower® Live Instructor course date later in the year and complete your LIVE in club practical assessment day. 
  3. Pass the online exam, download your digital certificate, and start teaching classes!

What SPINPower® Instructor Certification teaches:

  • The Principles of Exercise Science and Physiology
  • What Power Is, How it is Measured and Why it is Important
  • How Power Relates to the Spinning® Program, Particularly Heart Rate, Cadence and RPE
  • How is Work Intensity is Measured on the Spinner® bike
  • The SPINPower® Zones and Personal Spinning Threshold Test
  • How to Create a SPINPower® Ride

Online Modules include:

  • 12 video modules taught by top SPINPower® Master Instructors
  • Digital course manual
  • Digital lesson plan
  • Downloadable supporting articles
  • 1-hour sample video ride
  • Downloadable sample profiles
  • Downloadable training tips
  • Education support
  • Online certification exam after you have attended the Live assessment
  • Downloadable certificate of completion

Why SPINPower® Instructor Certification? 

The SPINPower® Instructor Certification provides CECs and CPD points with leading fitness organisations including: ACE, NASM and REPS. It is also a Level-Up  within the Spinning® Certification Pathway. 

This pathway distinguishes you as an advanced instructor who can guarantee your students’ results with power-based training.

Prerequisite: At least one of the following:

  • A level 2 Fitness Instructor or Aerobics instructor is required for REPS members wanting to claim CPD points.
  • Spinning® Instructor Certification
  • A cycling coaching award plus supporting evidence (optional)
  • Anatomy and Physiology  Bolt on if this is not otherwise acquired.


  • During the live course there is also formative ongoing assessment and practical assessment.
  • Workshop attendance (100%)
  • Post course online theory assessment. Passing score (80% or higher)

To register, please pick one available date that you would like to attend the LIVE training in the location from the dropdown list.