Commercial Spinner® Bikes

Built for the Road Ahead

The future of Spinning® has arrived! Whether you’re a high-profile fitness chain or a small boutique studio, the Spinning® Program is ready to bring the best indoor cycling experience to your members with our 2022 line of commercial Spinner® bikes.

Meet Our 2022 Commercial Spinner® Bikes

Spinner® PRO

A high quality classic, the new Spinner® PRO is designed to last! With the same proven function of our other Spinner® bikes, the PRO features our unique umbrella design for unparalleled longevity and precision resistance for optimal performance.


Spinner NXT®

With an oversized, heavy-duty steel frame, the Spinner® NXT is trusted design to stand up to rigorous usage with low maintenance. The new NXT is everything you could want and need in your studio or fitness center ‐ a high degree of adjustability, comfort, durability and performance!


Spinner® Chrono

The new Spinner® Chrono raises the bar for power bikes with the latest innovation in power-meter technology. Using a strain gauge on the patented magnetic system, the Chrono provides a high-accuracy measurement and eco-friendly self-powered colour display.


What Makes Our Bikes Different?

Built for the studio environment, the commercial line of Spinner® bikes is designed to withstand the rigors of thousands of classes over several years. The original, most popular and best line of indoor cycling bikes on the market, the Commercial Series is for studios who want to bring the Spinning® experience to their members.


All frame materials are powder-coated for superior corrosion resistance and lasting protection from sweat and moisture to deliver exceptional durability.


Drivetrain and Flywheels:
The authentic feel of the road is established via a perimeter weighted flywheel. The inertia of our flywheel system smooths out the pedal stroke to help eliminate any “dead spots” at the top and bottom of the stroke, enabling riders improve their pedaling technique and efficiency.


Pedals and Crank Arms:
All commercial Spinner® bikes use oversized steel and contoured crank arms that accommodate the push and power of even the strongest rider. Our dual-sided, SPD®-compatible pedals feature threadless Morse taper connections, making for the strongest and most durable crank and pedal system on the market.


Saddle and Handlebar Adjustments:
Spinner® bikes offer greater adjustability and better ergonomics than any other indoor cycling bike in the industry. On most models, the saddle and handlebars can be easily adjusted both vertically and fore/aft to fit every rider, regardless of their size.


Access Panel:
An oversized one-bolt panel provides improved access to the drivetrain for easy maintenance.


Chain Tension Inspection Window:
The chain tension inspection window offers a direct view of the current chain tension, and allows for simple lubrication without removing any parts.


Q Factor:
The measured space between the pedals, Q factor is an important
element for comfort and
performance. Spinner® bikes feature a precise Q factor that is modeled after road bikes to deliver better comfort and biomechanics through the hips, knees, and ankles.


Dual-sided Pedals and Optional Trio® and Trio QR® Pedals:

All commercial Spinner® bikes come with dual-sided pedals that accommodate cycling shoes with SPD® cleats or athletic shoes. Also available with Trio® and Trio QR® pedals that fit SPD®-compatible and LOOK® Delta-compatible cycling shoes.

Commercial Spinner® Bikes


Why Studios Love Spinning®

When opening our gym there was no question what bikes we were using.  Spinning® is the most popular class within our facility and that’s because these bikes provide the best experience for riders. Easy to use and comfortable yet providing the best all round workout; we wouldn’t look beyond these bikes.  As a 5* facility we are proud to have official Spinner® bikes onsite and believe it's what sets us apart from other fitness clubs.

District Health and Leisure, Cork, Ireland.

As a Facility Manager with a Group Exercise & PT background I know the importance of providing the very best member experience! Having the best Spinner® Chrono bikes for my members to get the best out of every ride, has been amazing. From a business perspective it has helped retain members whilst also driving new members to my dual-use gym with amazing equipment & fully certified Spinning® and SPIN®Power Instructors.

Astley Sports Village,Manchester, UK

Spinner® bikes are hands-down the best bikes in the fitness industry. It feels like you are riding a real bike and you can feel that you are getting a good workout with a strong and stable bikes underneath you .They are very user-friendly bikes. The ongoing support from the head office to the instructors is amazing and everyone is willing to help you out.

You are part of a family at Spinning®.

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The Power of the Program

From power-meter technology to bike computers and sensors, our solutions can help deliver results for your members!

Our certifications and instructor pathway help instructors deliver an unforgettable class experience.

Keep your studio ahead of the pack! Official Spinning® Facilities are where Spinning comes to life.